Carlton House, Urswick Road, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 9LL

About Us

Reliaclean is managed by Louise Sedgwick and her team.

Coming from a community care background, with over 10 years’ experience offering quality care with Reliacare, our care company, we understand the importance of health and cleanliness.

We had been asked a number of times about offering additional cleaning services to our Reliacare clients, so we decided to create a new business (Reliaclean) to compliment our home care services.
Reliaclean was created to offer cleaning and tidying services, while Reliacare provided for home care needs.
Our ethos as a business is to offer the highest level of cleaning and to make sure that all our customers are happy with our services for years to come.
If you have specific cleaning needs, and would like to arrange a contract with us, please get in touch – 01229 486530.

Reliaclean – Honest and Reliable Cleaning Services

"Great staff, really efficient and go the extra mile. The help is greatly appreciated."
- Caroline Quick

Looking for more information? Or would like to talk directly with a member of our team? Please phone - 01229 486530